Sexual Harassment Awareness Raising Campaign

In partnership with “لانك انسان” “Insan”, and of “Bareeq”, we conducted a campaign in Amman, Jordan called “Preserve My Dignity” focusing on awareness of the harassment of children. 75 young girls and boys participated along with 40 women with activities for both children and mothers.

The children’s activities included general introductions, physical activities and purposeful activities, such as the programs “I love my body,” which focuses on ways of representing feelings and emotions, and how to establish a safe personal distance, in addition to reading stories over the three day program. Whereas The mothers’ activities focused on the understanding and conversation about the concept of harassment, it’s grave effect on children, and early detection and prevention. This also included talking about the growth characteristics in children, and the psychology of the harasser and the activity of the representation of feelings, with an emphasis on the importance of the relationship with their children and how to cope in the event of harassment. The program concluded with fun activities for mothers and their children.