Education Center

Education Center

Remedial Education

Bareeq Education opened its flagship education center in the Nazal area, now serving 150 refugee children and high school students in Jordan. Jordan hosts a total of 600,000 Syrian refugees with an additional 1 million believed to be unregistered with the U.N. who have fled the violent civil war. Additionally, Jordan has tens of thousands of refugees from other nations escaping violent conflict within their home countries. War, trauma, and fleeing their homes, has the clear adverse effects on a child, including education, and physical and emotional trauma.

To address these issues, The education center offers remedial education, art therapy, and vocational courses for their parents to assist them in finding jobs or starting their own business.

The remedial education program assists children in making up for lost time and teaching them courses suited for their own level to support them in reaching their full academic and emotional potential. Additionally, the art program has had proven therapeutic results on children who have felt the trauma of war, loss, and being uprooted from their homes.

The school also hosts vocational courses for the parents in English, Arabic, computers, sewing, and cooking.

Children with Special Needs

Bareeq provides specialized services and education dedicated to war-affected children who attend regular schools, but need help in understanding the subjects, to students who didn’t attend schools, students who suffer learning difficulties and speech problem, women fighting illiteracy, students who have a gift of drawing and painting, students who want to develop a skill to help them work later in their future, and to help re-adjusting any negative behavior, whether congenital or caused by psychological trauma or neurological effects.

Vocational, and literacy education for women

Believing that to build a productive generation you need to educate the mothers, we are planning to sponsor courses dedicated to adult women covering Computer Literacy, Arabic and English Typing, English Language, Family education, Cooking, and Tailoring within the education center. Many refugee children are unable to attend school as in many cases they are required to work to provide for their family. The reasons for these vary from the lack of well-paying opportunities to the provider of the family being separated or deceased as a result of the war. By providing the parents with the training to provide for their families, Bareeq hopes that it will allow the children the freedom to attend school. 

These courses are to be delivered close to affected communities in Jordan and soon within Syria when possible.

Some Recent Education Center Projects We’ve Done