Bareeq University Scholarships

Bareeq University Scholarships

Believing in the potential of our children and providing hope for the future, the Bareeq University Scholarship fund offers opportunities for disadvantaged yet bright and motivated high-school graduate refugees to enroll in local universities and obtain bachelor degrees in their field of choice.

We assist the high school graduates with the university application process, and the scholarship covers the funding necessary for courses, school supplies, and more. 

Our Scholars Give Back!

Bareeq University Scholarship students are giving back to their community by dedicating some of their time to teaching elementary and high school Bareeq students in Arabic, English, Reading, Writing, and Math in a completely voluntary program created by Bareeq Education.

To assist Bareeq University Scholars in giving back to their community, Bareeq has established an additional fund to provide these energetic and dedicated teachers with teaching supplies, classrooms/learning spaces, and monetary compensation.

Achievements to Date

We currently sponsor and have enrolled seven (7) young men and women in several well-known universities in Jordan for the third year running. Our scholarship students are:

  • 5 female students studying Pharmaceutical Science – continuing their second year
  • 1 male student studying Civil Engineering – continuing his second year

2 of 2 (100%) of our previous scholars have gone on to leading successful careers:

  • 1 female student is now working at UNICEF and receiving a full scholarship from UNICEF
  • 1 male student has graduated with a degree in Business Administration