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درسنا في الاخلاق
Tod Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.

درسنا في الاخلاق Tod Good ma...

يوم الجمعة في بريق
Friday at Bareeq

يوم الجمعة في بريق Friday a...

اليوم  الاول للسنة الدراسية في بريق
First Day at Bareeq

اليوم الاول للسنة الدراسية...

نراكم غدا الجمعة ٢٠١٨/٩/٧ في الساعة الثامنة صباحاان شاء الله في بريق
We will see tomorrow on Friday 7/9/2018 at 8 am at Bareeq

#Bareeq #Education #Syria #Jordan

نراكم غدا الجمعة ٢٠١٨/٩&sol...

دائما افعل ما بوسعك ماذا تزرع الان سوف تحصده لاحقا. 
Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

دائما افعل ما بوسعك ماذا تز...

“You can’t use up creativity the more you use the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

Children were happy to creat their own pots. They used their own imagination

“You can’t use up creat...

نؤمن بأن اطفالنا يتعلموا عن انفسهم ويرفعوا من معنوياتهم من خلال الفن
"درس الفن مع السيدة مارغو"
We believe that Children learn about themselves and others through art activities. It really helps them build self-esteem.
An Art class with Ms. Margo

نؤمن بأن اطفالنا يتعلموا عن...

العناية بصحتنا ، عنوان ورشة اليوم للهلال الاحمر الاردني في مركز بريق
Taking care of our bodies. That was the title of a worksop that was conducted by the Jordanian Red Crescent

العناية بصحتنا ، عنوان ورشة...

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New school preparations

New school preparations

We have started the preparation for the school year. we bought the stationary for our students in Mafraq, Jordan. We...

Children Care Association Visit

 We visited Children care association in Mafaq and saw the methods of learning they use in their center. All thanks...

Sewing class Visit

We have visited our center in Mafraq (Ajyalona) to check on our ladies and the sewing class

Eid Celebration

The children of Bareeq Center For Remedial Education celebrated in Dara’a the first day of Eid..e

Zoo Trip

Zoo Trip

Ajyal students in Mafraq went on a field trip to the Zoo in Amman on the third day of Eid....